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Rooted in curiosity

About Root of Pi

I'm a US Army Veteran, coder and mentor, digital forensic analyst, private investigator, small business owner and lover of all things cool and unique. I built this marketing agency to fill a need I saw for small business owners in Louisville KY.

Marketing Agency Louisville KY

The Mission

To empower, inform and educate people so that together we can level the world’s playing fields and achieve anything.

I love learning about new businesses and helping them discover where their customers' journey is leading. I've called Louisville, KY home since leaving the Army with an honorable discharge in 1994.

I am always learning, tinkering and poking at the soft edges of everything I can find to optimize what we're building together, whether to replace it with something faster, more affordable or more effective.

I am your partner for as long as I can bring you value, and I'm willing to bet on myself that will be a long-term relationship.

Digital marketing is ever-evolving and most small business owners don't know what's working right now, and if they do they don't have time to take action, that's where I specialize.

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Jay Smith - Digital Marketing Consultant

Why Root of Pi?

‘The Root of Pi? What does that mean?’ Having a brand that requires explanation isn’t considered good marketing form these days. But this is my baby and an extension of my passion for technology and education so I decided that a company name that fits my curiosity about all the things would be the most suitable.

In that spirit, the Root of Pi is an irrational number, it doesn’t really make sense when framed in our understanding of how things work.

If algebra taught us correctly, then the Root of Pi really cannot be fully determined since you’ll just keep repeating a string of numbers when trying to divide Pi into two equal numbers, aka the square root. So, by that logic, the Root of Pi must be infinite, as it’ll just keep going on and on the more you try to break it down without end.

But there’s a problem with that, because although you cannot find the end of the number, it still must exist within the confines between 1.0 and 2.0. Since it cannot extend past the number two, it cannot truly be infinite, and hence it is irrational.

And that’s why I love the concept, I love the idea that there are no limits, even in a world where there are obviously limits, but we can find an answer, a solution, a better way by working within the guardrails of 1 and 2.

And there you have it, when we work together, I don’t really accept that there isn’t an elegant, technology driven solution to your business needs. Whether it’s a blazing fast new site, hands-free hosting with all the fixin’s included or a custom built application for your clients or team members to make doing business with you easier than your competitor…I’m here for it!

Your Success is My Success

…as a small business owner in Louisville KY, I feel the support market for independent businesses is lacking, even small digital marketing firms are drawn by ‘bigger fish’ clients who require most of their resources and attention.

We can’t fault them for that, medium-sized firms that provide hosting, web design and app development usually have a lot of talent overhead and need to bring in bigger and bigger clients to continue growing and meeting the needs of their team members and stakeholders.

I’m as passionate about your business as I am my own and I deeply enjoy solving problems. I work with small businesses in the Louisville,KY and Southern Indiana areas, because I really need to get to know what you do in order to discover the right answer with you. In the end I want to serve the best interests of you, your clients and team members and the business you have poured your soul into building

Check out our reviews

Glenn RhodesGlenn Rhodes
3 months ago
Our company uses Root of Pi LLC for all of our website needs. Root of Pi has not only created and maintained our website, but they have also created a platform/app for a company to operate smoothly from product order to product installation. The process is smooth and easy and has completely simplified the way we do business. We highly recommend Root of Pi LLC, and will continue to use them in the future!
Greg KuhnGreg Kuhn
4 months ago
Jay Smith is fun, friendly, and insightful. And he really knows what he's talking about! Jay makes it his business to constantly learn about websites and all things online. It shows in his ability to give helpful, precise, and useful feedback.
John RaisorJohn Raisor
5 months ago
Jay really knows his stuff and provides an immense amount of value with the work that he does. He could easily target large companies to exponentially increase his income, but instead, he is doing great things for local Louisville businesses. I'm certain that he knows he's doing meaningful work at a fair price, it shows. If you're looking to increase your traffic and conversions, Jay is the only call you need to make.
Just participated in a "web site roast" hosted by Jay of Root of Pi. It was helpful, interesting and we laughed a lot, figuring out how to take my business, and other peoples' businesses, to the next level! Thanks so much for putting my site in the roast!!
Shawn MarshallShawn Marshall
7 months ago
Jay Smith of Root of Pi helped me set up a brand new website in no time! He is professional and extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and website setup. I know I can trust him to help with any website issues and appreciate that he is very prompt and responsive when communicating & working together.

Where's all the "Best So and So of 2022" Badges?

We don't have any...they're pretty phony. None of these badges are based on objective reviews or customer feedback, they're merely a type of 'pay-for-play' you get for joining these lists and communities to help share links across each others' sites. When I first got started I got inundated with these sites trying to get me to sign up, join their communities, add links, etc. and then I'd get a badge to put on my website that made it look like I had won some sort of accolade for being better than my peers. I realized pretty quickly it's just a game.

Real results for real clients is all that really matters.

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