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US Army Veteran, coder and mentor, digital forensic analyst, private investigator, small business owner and lover of all things cool and unique.

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To empower, inform and educate people so that together we can level the world’s playing fields and achieve anything.

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An Explanation is in order…

…I get it. ‘The Root of Pi? What does that mean?’ Having a brand that requires explanation isn’t considered good marketing form these days. But this is my baby and an extension of my passion for technology and education so I decided that a company name that fits my curiosity about all the things would be the most suitable.

In that spirit, the Root of Pi is an irrational number, it doesn’t really make sense when framed in our understanding of how things work.

If algebra taught us correctly, then the Root of Pi really cannot be fully determined since you’ll just keep repeating a string of numbers when trying to divide Pi into two equal numbers, aka the square root. So, by that logic, the Root of Pi must be infinite, as it’ll just keep going on and on the more you try to break it down without end.

But there’s a problem with that, because although you cannot find the end of the number, it still must exist within the confines between 1.0 and 2.0. Since it cannot extend past the number two, it cannot truly be infinite, and hence it is irrational.
And that’s why I love the concept, I love the idea that there are no limits, even in a world where there are obviously limits, but we can find an answer, a solution, a better way by working within the guardrails of 1 and 2.

And there you have it, when we work together, I don’t really accept that there isn’t an elegant, technology driven solution to your business needs. Whether it’s a blazing fast new site, hands-free hosting with all the fixin’s included or a custom built application for your clients or team members to make doing business with you easier than your competitor…I’m here for it!

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Your success is my success…

…as a small business owner in Kentuckiana, I feel the support market for independent businesses is lacking, even small firms are drawn by ‘bigger fish’ clients who require most of their resources and attention.

We can’t fault them for that, medium-sized firms that provide hosting, web design and app development usually have a lot of talent overhead and need to bring in bigger and bigger clients to continue growing and meeting the needs of their team members and stakeholders.

I’m as passionate about your business as I am my own and I deeply enjoy solving problems. I only work with small businesses in Kentuckiana, because I really need to get to know what you do in order to discover the right answer with you. In the end I want to serve the best interests of you, your clients and team members and the business you have poured your soul into building

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I offer a no-obligation consultation and website review, just let me know you’re ready to find out how we can work together to awesomize your business.

I approach every project with an open mind and utter gratitude for the trust you’ve placed in me.

I believe that beautiful, efficient and effective solutions are within reach for all business owners and would love the opportunity to show you how.


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