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Our Values

It's get real time.

Our world is in equal measures incredibly fragile and amazingly resilient...only by being our authentic selves can we attract our collaborators, band together and make true and lasting change for the betterment of everybody.

Some of the following may not be your cuppa, it could conflict directly with your organizations' stated values and could even be a deal-breaker for doing business with us, and that's okay. No judgements will be rendered

There will be no calls to action on this page, this is a record of our beliefs and commitments and nothing more and I want to personally thank you for engaging.


At Root of Pi, our mission includes committed, scheduled and measured involvement with Louisville area school students to show them that creative careers are real, viable and just as valid as those they've all too often heard are 'real' careers.  

All members of this organization commit to at least 8 hours of paid work time volunteering in area school graphic arts, media and photography classes to help spread these messages and hopefully inspire students who wish to pursue creative careers to do so confidently and with support.

Veteran's Mental Health

Are you aware that more than 16 military veterans commit suicide every single day in America?  

This statistic is shocking, saddening and preventable. 

";IGY6" is burned into every aspect of our business, it means "I got your six" or I've got your back.  Chances are better than average that you have a veteran in your life, check in with them regularly and encourage them to do the same.

Judgements and tribalism are bullshit

Our values may not be everybody's jam, and that's perfectly okay.

This is what the Root of Pi stands for and we want to ensure anybody who joins our company or works with us is doing so knowing full well who we are.

There are plenty of other incredibly important causes available if none of these align with your values, find the ones that are meaningful to you and do something to improve our world, I'll gladly slap you a hi-five for doing something  of value for others.

~ Jay