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Allen and Allen jr of Good News Tree Service cutting down a tree

Louisville Small Business Spotlight – Good News Tree Service

August 17, 2022 by


I just happened on Mr. Martin and his team during a walk through my neighborhood and after a quick comment and quicker conversation I knew I wanted to highlight this incredibly hard working family owned business.

This will be a brief article, as they didn’t have a whole lot of time to entertain my questions, but I’m glad for having met Good News Tree Service and hope to help spread the word for them in any way I can.

Why write an article about a small business in Louisville rather than web design?  Because that’s who I work with and for, I love learning the story behind independent businesses and hope to help bring them some attention in some small way.

Good News Tree Service is not a client of or vendor for Root of Pi and this is not a paid advertisement.

Not your typical Small Business Spotlight

I happened upon this three man team during a much needed walk through my neighborhood, the tree they were taking down is probably 100 ft tall, and the yard surrounding it was littered with hundreds of split logs from their work.  I took out an earbud and made some joke about the immense size of the tree and the job (as one whose not actually doing the hard work is often wont to do).

The young man pictured above on the right, Allen Jr., was carrying a large bundle of the logs to an organized pile and stopped to offer a smile and a pitch.

“Sir, do you need any trees planted?”

I answered no, content to be on my way and happy not to be breaking my back doing the work these gentlemen were doing.

“Have a blessed day, if you need anything we’ll be here tomorrow.”

I got to the end of their second pickup truck, admiring the well-used array of tools and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet these business owners.  I did a quick about-face and came back around the truck to meet them.

Hustle while you work

I was struck by the thought and entrepreneurial spirit of the younger Allen.  Though he was drenched in sweat and laden with what appeared to be about 80 lbs of scratchy wood, he took the opportunity afforded by my smiling joke in passing to let me know about their services.  I’ve worked in construction (a LONG time ago) and it’s quite easy to focus solely on the task at hand, particularly toward the end of a heavy day of labor in the Summer.

The 2 minute drill

I knew they wouldn’t have the time (nor likely too much motivation) to suffer a drawn out conversation with me, considering it was going on 5pm and they hadn’t even begun to wrap up their worksite for the day.  I asked if they had a business, and if they’d mind if I just wrote up a short article to help get them some free advertising, careful not to come off as salesy or give them the idea that I was fishing for work while they were toiling away.

I was directed to Allen (pictured on the left) as the owner of the business, and though he, too, was drenched in sweat and sawdust.  He took a minute to shake my hand, absorb what I was trying to do, and give me a business card.  Time didn’t afford the sharing of email addresses, so he provided me a family member’s cell phone number so I could share this article once complete.

That’s it

I warned that this article wouldn’t be near as in-depth as my typical Small Business Spotlight (such as for Fante’s Coffee House), but I was inspired to stop and chat for a moment with some incredibly hard working small business owners, who took a step further than the task in front of their faces to engage a potential new customer.

I have no doubt I’ll be seeing Good News Tree Service in the near future for some treework.  If you should find yourself in need of tree planting or removal, an alley cleanup (looking at you Highlands), or having an old garage wrecked, consider giving Good News a call!

Good News Tree Service business card



Up next, I sit down for another cup of coffee with a veteran owned business (who also inspired this article series)

Until next time,