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The price list on the cutest little produce stand

Small Business Spotlight – Cutest Little Produce Stand

August 20, 2022 by


It’s amazing what you’ll find on a walk

I mentioned regular walks through my Highlands neighborhood the other day while discussing Good News Tree Service. During that same walk where I met those hard working folks, I also stumbled on this adorable micro-business that I felt deserved some attention.

Blue cupboard sitting outside with flowers and vegetables for sale
I dare you not to love this adorable micro business

I haven’t spoken with the business owner, though I did let their mom know via my Venmo purchase that I was planning to write a little article about them.

So what’s left to say? What struck me about this adorable roadside stand is the entrepreneurial spirit. I consume a lot (A LOT) of materials on startups, entrepreneurs, StoryBrand, you name it. I often come across stories of very successful business owners who were bit by the entrepreneurship bug early in life.

Much like learning a foreign language or playing a musical instrument, those who are exposed to these things at a young age are FAR more likely to excel at them later in life or at least enjoy their pursuit.

Is it possible that a few sales fills the budding entrepreneur with pride in the garden they’re tending, or prompt them to learn more about running a business? Could they be inspired by some early infusions to plant some different flowers or vegetables, or develop a way to keep their stand running in poor weather?

Beautiful little flower bouquet in hand
Amazing husband side quest achieved

Find the future by looking in the past

There are numerous possibilities, any of which are just as likely or unlikely as the next. I have no delusions that’s I’m planting the seeds of the next Steve Jobs or Richard Branson by shelling out a few bucks for some pretty flowers…but I remember the thrill of buying dime boxes of candy while walking to school and selling them for 50 cents once in class.

I wish this sharp young owner nothing but luck and wouldn’t be surprised to see these stands in a larger format or with multiple locations in the near future.

If you’re interested in some beautiful peppers or tomatoes or some very reasonably priced flower arrangements, check out the cutest little produce stand in Louisville at 3025 Wellbrooke Rd (directly behind the Gardiner Lane shopping center).

Until next time,